Tom's Travel Centers

Fast, friendly and clean... you can always count on it!

Whether you're a professional driver, a business traveler, a family on vacation or just on the road passing by, Tom's Travel Centers are your place for convenient fueling, eating and shopping. Stop by and enjoy our clean and relaxing facilities. You'll always get excellent service and a friendly smile!

Delicious, Convenient Food and Supplies

Grab a bite, a cup of coffee or a cold drink—or pick up groceries and supplies—at the large Tom's Convenience Store at every Tom's Travel Center. Have a hot meal at the attached Arby's, or at The Stop Homestyle Restaurant in Mifflintown.

Fueling Made Easy

Tom's Travel Centers are located on spacious sites, featuring easy access, attractive landscaping and plenty of lighting to keep our customers safe. The large parking lots accommodate lots of tractor-trailers, automobiles and RVs. Our fueling lanes are smartly designed to be easy in and easy out. Pull right in and fill up at the lowest price with our industry-leading fuels, including all-American E85 Flex Fuel, diesel and all grades of gas. You'll be back on your way in no time.