Shipley Fuels

Our fuels are Shipley Brand, which means you can be 100% sure they’re the best around!

Shipley Energy

All Tom’s Stores and Travel Centers proudly offer industry-leading Shipley Fuels—and we work hard to offer it at the lowest price in the area! Shipley has over 80 years of experience in the fuels market, through four generations of family ownership in this region. Industry-leading fuel is at the very core of who we are as a company.

The Best Quality

We always start out with the best fuel from major domestic refineries, with whom we have longstanding relationships. We add detergent cleansers that clean your engine as you drive and reduce emissions. Our fuel is formulated to meet or exceed the most stringent EPA standards and auto manufacturer requirements for quality, so you can always fuel with confidence. For trucks, we offer all-American E-85 flex-fuel, and high-grade diesel fuels. For cars, we have all grades of top-quality gasoline.

The Best Equipment
Shipley fuels are supported by state-of-the-industry equipment to deliver, store, dispense, and monitor our fuels to maintain your vehicle, ensure the quality of our fuels and protect the environment. You won't find higher-quality, more convenient or lower-priced fuels than at Tom's.

The Best Stations
And fueling up at a Tom’s is a breeze. We built spacious, well-lit stations with plenty of modern pumps to get you in and out fast. And most Tom’s are open 24 hours!

Stop by soon and see for yourself!

Home Energy

Shipley Energy supplies Electricity and Natural Gas to homes in PA and MD.  As well as Heating Oil and Propane delivery to many counties in PA and Northern Maryland.